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ADM Module, Twinkling stars add on disc

  Our ADM module will let about 1/3 of the stars twinkle realistically. The ADM module will only work with our 2nd generation Chrome discs, which are now in a black plastic disc holder to prevent breakage. The twinkle rate is determined by the rotation speed. The ADM disc is permanently mounted into the new star disc tray which insures exact alignment. The ADM module WILL NOT work with our color discs, it will only work with our Chrome discs.

  How does it work? We have created a special pattern on the stationary disc that sits below the star disc. When the chrome disc rotates, the pattern eclipses the stars like a shutter on a camera. At times you may see the pattern where the Milky Way is the brightest. To solve this problem we have created our ADM Chrome star disc that has reduced brightness in the central part to the Milky Way,.The results are stunning!

  You can either order the ADM module by itself to use with your existing Chrome Disc click “HERE” and order the Combo set that comes with the ADM Chrome disc and the ADM module and save 20%.