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What Separates Us

Things that set the DS-1 apart from the competition

  • Premium construction materials
  • Ergonomic design
  • Incredible customer support, second to none
  • More than a quality home planetarium projector.

Yes, the DS-1 projects incredible and colorful night sky images but what happens when you turn it off? Unlike other projectors that are stored in a closet, under the bed, or somewhere out of sight, instead you will want to keep your DS-1 in view. We have gone to great lengths to produce a projector with a stunning visual appearance. The first time you see the DS-1 it becomes an object of desire. It begs to be touched, viewed, and used. Built of premium materials, hosting a thoughtful, unique, and imaginative design, the DS-1 is a work of art. From its aluminum alloy base and arm to the beautiful star map displayed on the surface of the main projector body, it creates a bold visual statement for any setting. On a coffee table, a shelf, on a nightstand, where ever you place the DS-1 it will stand out. It has no equal. It is unique.