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Who Is It For?

Beyond the obvious joy of the seeing the night sky that has been lost to nighttime light pollution, the DS-1 makes the perfect learning tool for understanding and exploring the celestial heavens. It is ideal for homes, public and private schools, home schools, and higher learning institutions. All our available star discs, over 40 and increasing, have educational values as well as stunning views.

The soft glow of the projected view or the nightlight feature has a wonderful calming effect on newborns and young children alike. Your DS-1 offers a gateway to learning that will last a lifetime. The beautiful serenity of the night sky is also a calming influence on the sick, the elderly, and the home bound.

Astronomers, amateurs and professionals alike will delight in viewing the night sky in the comfort, convenience, and security of their home. Sometimes it does rain and there are annoying bugs everywhere.

Romantics. It is fair and effective to use your DS-1 to create a romantic evening. Just add dinner, and soft music.