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About Our Star Discs

Star Discs

Dark-Skys.com has the largest library of available star discs in the world.

Each of our Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere star discs has over 1.2 million stars. They took over 2 years to develop and are based on several star data sets including Tycho, HYG, HabCat, and HYGHag. These discs represent incredible accuracy and detail. You will not be disappointed.

Our unique and proprietary Chrome-on-Glass version of the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere star discs provide the ultimate viewing experience. Each of these special discs shows over 4 million stars. The Milky Way appears as a soft glowing cloud across the night sky, as if someone airbrushed a river of light onto the wall or ceiling of your home. If you look through a pair of low power binoculars you will find that the “glow” is actually millions of stars. It is truly spectacular.

All DarkSkys star discs project more than just a pretty scene. They are designed to have educational value and are learning tools. They will open the minds of young and old alike. For many, they will be seeing the wonders of the universe not imagined before.