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Why you should buy a DS-1

  • The DS-1 gives you a big view of the night sky!
  • Outstanding optical performance. The stars will be crisp and clear across the entire projected image.
  • DS-1 will project on walls and flat ceilings.
  • Large field of view.
  • A random shooting star feature.
  • A very bright 10 watt LED.
  • Choose from the largest star disc library in the world. Over 40 available star discs and new ones being added every few months.
  • Unsurpassed educational value!
  • A Northern Hemisphere star disc with over 1.2 million stars is included with each DS-1 purchase.
  • Stress, Depression, Romance. We believe nothing is better for relieving the stress of the daily grind, uplifting your emotions, or setting the mood for a romantic evening than a canopy of stars and some accompanying soft music. You provide the music. Your DS-1 will provide a relaxing, mood setting display of stars in motion.
  • Children. It should be much easier getting the young ones to bed at night after a relaxing, calming, star show. Assuming they are still awake at the end of the show.