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About Us

Does anyone even look up at the night sky anymore? For those living in big cities the answer is “Why bother, the nighttime light pollution has almost completely obscured the stars.” This is true and still worse, unless you live in a remote area it is no longer possible to even see the Milky Way.

We are a small company of people dedicated to restoring to you the awe inspiring experience of a star filled night sky. This one goal is our driving motivation for creating DarkSkys-1 (DS-1). We believe DS-1 will provide everyone the opportunity to see the night as it once was, without nighttime light pollution. From the safety, comfort, and convenience of your home, DS-1 will create the experience of seeing the stars and the Milky Way as they are meant to be seen. DarkSkys are back.

We are not a huge company with investors and unlimited resources. Nope, just a few souls dedicated to producing the world’s finest home planetarium at an affordable price. Over 2-1/2 years and thousands of hours of design and re-design work went into DS-1. Every aspect of DS-1 has been carefully designed. We have listened to the litany of complaints against the current choices of home planetariums: dim and blurry images, cheap plastic feel, extraordinarily high prices for overall mediocre performance, sporadic product availability, low quality star discs, few if any optional star discs, limited features, and poor durability. We believe we have resolved all these deficiencies by developing the DS-1.

Doing business with a small company has some great benefits for you. There will always be a person to address your service needs. We don’t sell wholesale. We only sell direct to the customer. The savings are passed on to you, there are no middleman.

Servicing will always be available for our home planetarium during the warranty period and long after. This is something no other company producing these home planetariums can provide. Simply put, we care about the performance of our product and we care about our customers.