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April 23, 2023 1 min read

Chrome star discs are the highest quality star discs in the home planetarium market. Here at Dark Skys we are proud to be able to call ourselves the original inventors of them! Since releasing our original northern chrome disc in 2018 other brands have released their own chrome discs. We can confidently say that none them equal the staggering quality of Dark Sky's chrome discs.

We incorporate stars all the way down to less than a micron on our chrome discs (None of our competitors do this). They are also based off a map of the real night sky. Any star enthusiast can sit back and point out real constellations and stars accurately. Our competitors chrome discs are mostly just a collection of jumbled dots.

Taking chrome discs to the next level

Up until this point all our chrome star discs featured just stars. After countless hours of experimenting, designing and refining we have found a way to create chrome discs with much more complex features!

Our recent release of the Chrome Moon Disc is the first in this new line of chrome discs. The resolution of the moon will leave you breathless. 

Following this release is the Stormy Night Chrome Disc which is a higher definition version of our original stormy night disc. It is one of the most complex discs we have ever created, requiring 3 separate exposures to design it! When the disc is held under a light you can see a beautiful rainbow pattern reflect off it's surface. To us the stormy night disc is more than a star disc, It is a work of art.