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May 08, 2023 1 min read

Close up comparison between the DS-1 and a leading competitor


On the left is a close up of the DS-1’s projection of the Orion’s Belt constellation.

On the right is a close up of our leading competitors projection of the same constellation.


Dark Skys prides itself on the realism of the night sky the DS-1 Projects. Our Northern Chrome star disc (included with the DS-1) was created from several major star data bases. Compare this to the competition whose stars are all enlarged, splotchy and mostly random. Only the stars for the Orion’s Belt are in the correct locations.

Customers mentioned how one major competitor’s star projector is “so much brighter than the DS1”. Brighter is not necessarily better. This competitor uses a simple trick. They make all the stars BIGGER so they let out more light resulting in a brighter image, but create an unrealistic one. If a cartoonish starry night is what you crave then the DS-1 is not for you.

There are additional competitors out there, but their star discs don’t even merit comparison. Several inexpensive (under $100) Chinese star projectors offer markedly inferior images. They copied our idea for chrome discs; but the execution cannot come close to Dark Sky’s quality. We have seen all our competitor’s products and for most part we could not find a single star or constellation that’s recognizable. On the flip side, these less expensive projectors do paint a pretty picture of a night sky and may be fine for kids or anyone who wants to simply create a romantic atmosphere.