DS-1 Chrome Home Planetarium

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DS1 Chrome – This version of our projector substitutes our 1.4 million star Northern disc for our 4.1 million star Chrome on Glass star disc. Our DS1 projector has the light power and optical clarity to take full advantage of the spectacular view offered by our Chrome discs. Please note we have limited quantities of our Chrome discs. All other specs are the same as the standard DS1. The DS1 Chrome comes with the Northern Chrome disc

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Viewing angle: 82.5 degrees

Dimensions: Height 11 inches, Base Diameter 7 inches

Weight: 4 lbs,

Construction: Aluminum Alloy

Included Disc: Northern Hemisphere Chrome star disc with over 4.1 million stars.

Projection Distance: Maximum recommended projection distance is 20′

Viewing surface: Smooth, white, flat surface, ceiling or wall. Ceilings with peeked roofs will not work well and are not recommended.

Rotation Angle: Unit can be operated and rotated from 0 degrees (vertical) to 90 degree (horizontal).

Power-Off: 30 & 60 minutes for projection mode, 2 hour default shut off

Disc rotation: 3 speeds and reverse rotation (appropriate when using any southern hemisphere star discs).

Rotation Speeds: Slow, Med, High,

LED: 10 watts with dimming and soft on/off feature to optimize LED life.

LED cooling fan: Low dB fan for cooling the LED during main projector operations and during the power-OFF cool down sequence.

Shooting star feature: Random shooting star On/Off, no control over randomness.

Warranty: 90 days parts and labor. 1 year on parts. Note: All DS-1 projectors come with serial numbers

Note: DS1 Chrome currently only ships the USA, Projectors does not ship to PO Boxes.

 At this time we are not shipping internationally for several reasons, one of them has to do with warranty work. The DS1 one is very reliable but if something should happen the costs in shipping both ways are very high. We are hoping as we get further along we will be able to set up international distributorship that will handle any warranty work at a reasonable cost.



13 reviews for DS-1 Chrome Home Planetarium

  1. I am beyond thrilled with the new DS-1! I had a very old Sega Homestar projector that always seemed to have trouble with brightness and reliability, so this felt like a bit of a frivolous purchase, especially considering that I would have to replace all my star discs. I am so glad I made the leap! It is a night and day difference between the two. The quality, reliability, and clarity are outstanding and the chrome disc is amazing! You can feel the solid construction and it has really nice, easy to use features. I especially like the more realistic shooting star features compared to other projectors. Although I probably don’t have the technical knowledge and expertise that a lot of users may have, I have found this to be as useful for relaxation as it is for education. I have already purchased several more discs to slowly build up a library which I am enjoying .

  2. (verified owner)

    Just received my DS-1 today. Extremely fast shipping and a wonderful product. I have waited a few years for this home planetarium to release. Im glad i did! Favorite part is the clarity, night light feature and the random shooting stars! I use it at night because its very relaxing to watch and fall asleep to. Highly recommend and worth every penny!

  3. I was in the market for a quality planetarium for my son that’s starting to get interested into astronomy. I narrowed my search down to two planetariums: the Sega Homestar Flux and the DS-1. DS-1 is quite a bit more expensive, but appears to be of much higher quality.

    From day 1, Chris (the owner/engineer of the company) was top-notch in his responses to my many questions. After much consideration, I decided to go with the DS-1. In addition with the Chrome disc, I also bought 5 more star discs (solar system, eagle nebula, aurora nights, galaxy, and under the sea).

    After testing the planetarium out and all the discs, I have to say that the projector is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. It is extremely well built. The whole thing is made of stainless steel, and you can just feel the quality of the product. The engineer obviously took a lot of pride in his work, and it shows. The whole thing is very quiet, and does not run hot at all.

    The chrome disc is simply incredible with the amount of stars it throw on the ceiling. I would recommend everyone getting the DS-1 to not cheap out and get the chrome disc too. The other star discs are great too. My personal favorite is the Galaxy disc. The night light is another great touch, and looks beautiful at night.

    All in all, I’m so glad I went with the DS-1., and would highly recommend it. I feel its very unfortunate that not enough people who are interested in getting a planetarium knows about the DS-1. In my opinion, this is by far the best planetarium for the consumers.

  4. No words can describe the feeling of seeing a starry sky of such quality at your home. My whole family gladly spends evening glazing at the ceiling and telling various stories to each other.
    The quality is state of the art. The DS-1 is THE best projector you can buy for your home, period. You can learn the sky through the chrome disks. You can even buy yourself small binoculars to see it in more details (this is how great the quality is).
    Moreover, Chris is always there to support, help with upgrades.
    DS-1 will make you exited every single evening. With different disks, shooting stars each evening will be amazing.
    Highly and fully recommended.

  5. The DS-1 planetarium projector is simply amazing. I am blown away by the quality of construction and images. The northern hemisphere chrome disc is spectacular. The milky looks impressively realistic and the stars are in their correct positions. The magnitude ( relative brightness ) of stars are well represented. The meteor effect is well done. This projector blows away the flux planetarium from Sega toys that I own. Speaking of construction, the lenses on this unit are multicoated too. This projector runs quiet and not hot
    at all. The night lamp feature is beautiful. This is one solid beautiful functional planetarium. I am more then satisfied with my purchase. I just purchased the southern hemisphere chrome disc. I highly recommend this projector. This is the best home planetarium one can buy. I recommend purchasing this unit with the chrome disc, worth every penny. I did the low power binocular test and one is able to see more stars with the chrome disc. Fantastic!

  6. I purchased a DS-1 Chrome Home Planetarium as a combined Birthday/Christmas gift for my 14-year old daughter who has wanted a star projector for quite some time. I researched the various options available online and found the DS-1 to be the best choice, having many desirable features like the ability to also serve as a room nightlight, random shooting stars, device timer, etc. This unit is not a toy, it is a well-engineered piece of hardware that should last a lifetime. My interactions with Chris at Miller Engineering have been awesome and give me confidence that the DS-1 will be supported not only today, but well into the future. I would recommend this star projector to anyone without reservation.

  7. I was looking for a realsitic night sky planetarium and was not really attracted by the one avalable on the market.
    While iooking on the net, I finally found the DS-1. I Had a chance to watch a review before buying it that confirm me that it was an amazing tool as I live in France, in a city with too much light.
    The planetarium is quiet, the large choise of discs is impressive. I bought both Chrome discs as there are unics. I also got several discs like solar system, nebulas and galaxy disc to teach to my kids and friends how things work and how a star is born. They love it !
    I never got a chance to see for real a dark sky that let me see so many stars, the milky way I use it every day since I receive it as it is reallly relaxing too.
    Chris is really helpful and always reactive to all my questions. The shipping was very fast as I live on an other continent.
    I highly recommand the DS-1, it is the only one on the market with this high quality.

  8. (verified owner)

    I received the DS 1 planetarium yesterday. The unit has eye appeal. Very easy to use. Brief but good instructions, I like that. The chrome disc is very impressive. I do however wish the focus wheel was a little more substantial and a little ‘tighter’….has a little wobble or play to it and makes me wonder if I might be able to get an even crisper image when focusing. DO NOT let that deter you from buying this product…….it is very nice.

  9. (verified owner)

    I am now the proud owner of a DS 1, it is everything I hoped it would be. I have owned a number of other planetariums over the years, the others did not bring the thrill that the DS 1 delivers. It , simply stated, brings the beauty of the night sky into your home. This is a very well made and beautiful instrument. I also own several model railroad “neon” signs made by Miller Engineering and they also are terrific products. The company has excellent customer service and really make you feel that you matter to them.

    If you live where the night sky has diminished and you find yourself yearning to see it again, get yourself a DS 1 with the chrome disc, set it up in your bedroom and fall asleep under a canopy of stars.

    Also, the shooting star generator brings another thrilling feature to your experience. It is very nicely executed.

  10. I operate Starlabs and Digitariums in schools in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada but always wanted a decent home planetarium, needless to say the projectors were bulky, noisy and well beyond my budget.

    The DS-1 demonstrates quality and durability from the brushed aluminum sturdy build to the high quality glass used in the projection system. Although more expensive than its competitors it is well worth the extra – this is not a toy but an educational instrument.

    The chrome star disk gives an outstanding view of a moonless northern night sky and an even more breathtaking image of the milky way. I feel like I am looking at the sky in 4k resolution! Add to that the fact that the system does not require a dome but only a flat ceiling and I was sold.

    I gave my first star talk/ presentation to four of my grandchildren and they too were impressed ! Using an arrow pointer, I could easily point out major constellations and how the sky changes through the four seasons. Turning on the meteor projector we counted the meteors and named the one that matched their ages as their own !

    In the future I will likely purchase more disks to add variety to my presentations. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for a truly exceptional home planetarium.

  11. I enjoy it so much.
    I have purchased the chrome planetarium recently and after some great customer service i could enjoy this planetarium myself.
    Amsterdam never looked more bright.

  12. (verified owner)

    This is the best planetarium for home use by FAR!! if you want the most realistic planetarium then this is it!!
    The chrome disks are just breath taking and have over 4 million starts!!.
    going to buy 2nd unit soon.. also Chris ,thanks so much for your 100% support !!

    Kevin & Jackie Malinski

  13. (verified owner)

    I recently purchased this and 5 disc. I was not disappointed at all! This planetarium is amazing. Love how it rotates (three speeds) , brightness control and the occasional shooting stars. I will be purchasing additional disc for my collection.

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