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DS-FX Home Planetarium

DS-FX Home Planetarium

Choose DS-FX Bundle and save!

- Includes the DS-FX Home Planetarium with  every FX Star Disc

- $200+ value

- Includes DS-FX Home PlanetariumFX-ADM Twinkling Stars Module, FX Constellation Disc, FX Moon Disc, FX Stormy Night Disc



The DS-FX is our newest addition to the Dark Sky home planetarium


lineup. Unlike our signature model (The DS-1), the DS-FX is geared towards first time home planetarium owners. Like all Dark Skys products the DS-FX puts attention to detail above all else.

The DS-FX was built to outshine the competition (Literally).




Stars Projected 3.1 Million 40,326
Accurate Star Mapping Yes No
Will Star Discs Fade? Never Yes
Microns Visible 0.8 3
Battery Powered Yes Yes
Light Wattage 5w 3w


 With its ultra compact form factor and included lithium ion rechargeable battery, the DS-FX is a joy to take anywhere. 

Along with the DS-FX comes a brand new FX star disc lineup. All of which incorporate our chrome disc technology! Expect to see more of these discs added in the future.



  • Viewing angle:82.5 degrees
  • Dimensions: Height 5.6 inches, Base Diameter 4.9 inches
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs
  • Lithium Ion Battery included
  • Northern Hemisphere chrome star disc with over 3.1 million stars is included
  • Maximum recommended projection distance is 10'
  • Viewing surface: Smooth, white, flat surface, ceiling or wall.
  • Projection Angle: 0 degrees (vertical) to 90 degree (horizontal).
  • Power-Off: 30 & 60 minutes timer for projection mode.
  • Warranty: 90 days parts and labor. 1 year on parts.


For more information check out our DS-FX FAQ page!