Viewing angle: 82.5 degrees
Dimensions: Height 11 inches, Base Diameter 7 inches
Weight: 4 lbs
All DS-1 projectors come with serial numbers
Northern Hemisphere star disc with over 1.2 million stars is included with the DS-1.
Maximum recommended projection distance is 20′
Viewing surface: Smooth, white, flat surface, ceiling or wall. Ceilings with peeked roofs will not work well and are not recommended.
Unit can be operated and rotated from 0 degrees (vertical) to 90 degree (horizontal).
Power-Off: 30 & 60 minutes for projection mode, 2 hour default shut off
Disc rotation: 3 speeds with reverse rotation (appropriate when using any southern hemisphere star discs) Rotation Speeds: Slow 2.6 rph. Med 5.45 rph, High 10 rph,   Note: rph = revolution per hour
LED: 10 watts with dimming and soft on/off feature to optimize LED life
LED cooling fan: Extremely low dB fan for cooling the LED during main projector operations and during the power-OFF cool down sequence.
Shooting star feature: Random shooting star On/Off, no control over randomness.
Warranty: 90 days parts and labor. 1 year on parts.
Nightlight features: Soft On/Off with dimming control. 6 hour default shut off.
Note: Nightlight feature can not be used in conjunction with normal projector use.

Additional Thoughtfulness Built Into Your DS-1

After spending much time talking to our customers, reviewing all that the competition has to offer, and our own experience using existing models, we think we know what it takes for an enjoyable experience beyond an incredible projected image. Here are a few:

  • An LED at the end of the AC adapter plug so you can find it in the dark.
  • An AC adapter with an extra long cord so you are not dragging out extension cords.
  • Control buttons that are always lit the minute you power-ON your DS-1.
  • Control buttons that change color as confirmation of being pressed.
    (When using other projectors, we can’t tell you how much time we spent hunting in the dark for the right button to push.)
  • An incredibly solid feel. There is no cheap plastic toy impression. Bottom line: quality and value.