Logarithmic Universe, #DS-24


This is an illustrated logarithmic scale
conception of the observable Universe
with the Solar System at the centre.
Fascinating to look at!

UM-LA101 Logrithmic Universe



Legends are not on the disc, for reference only

Trying to imagine the scope of the cosmos is nearly
impossible, but musician and artist Pablo Carlos Budassi
decided to make a visual attempt by cramming the entire
known universe into a single image. Using scores of satellite
images and photos snapped from NASA’s rovers, he
painstakingly pieced together many of the prominent features
of the universe as observed from our solar system in the form
of a logarithmic map. Logarithms are useful for understanding
large numbers or distances, so in Budassi’s map each
consecutive ‘ring’ around the circle represents several orders
of magnitude further than the one before it.


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