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March 31, 2023 1 min read

"What happened to the nightlight feature?"

The nightlight feature was discontinued for several reasons. The main one being that there was very little interest in it. Out of 2,000 projectors we only had a handful of people even mention it with several saying they never even used it.

The nightlight feature also added extra layers of complexity and cost to the DS-1 resulting in extra warranty work and higher production prices. In a market where the cost of production seems to go up every week keeping the DS-1 at its original price proved to be an impossible task. Expect the price to keep going up. To try to slow down price increases and not dilute the DS-1's quality craftsmanship we opted to remove the nightlight feature. 


The Return of the Nightlight Feature

It wasn't until after we removed the vibrant LED cylindrical display that we realized the large demand for it. I can't recall how many customers asked us if we had any tucked away in our "backroom".

For those who love the nightlight feature there will be an optional add on in the next production run of DS-1s. As of right now that will not be for another 12-14 months. Additionally there will be an upgrade option for current DS-1 owners without the nightlight feature. Both will have an additional cost, if that is you please email us at milleren@microstru.com to join our waiting list.