Who We Are

Does anyone even look up at the night sky anymore? For those living in big cities the answer is “Why bother, the nighttime light pollution has almost completely obscured the stars.” This is true and still worse, unless you live in a remote area it is no longer possible to even see the Milky Way.

We are a small company of people dedicated to restoring to you the awe inspiring experience of a star filled night sky. This one goal is our driving motivation for creating DarkSkys-1 (DS-1). We believe DS-1 will provide everyone the opportunity to see the night as it once was, without nighttime light pollution. From the safety, comfort, and convenience of your home, DS-1 will create the experience of seeing the stars and the Milky Way as they are meant to be seen. DarkSkys are back.

We are not a huge company with investors and unlimited resources. Nope, just a few souls dedicated to producing the world’s finest home planetarium at an affordable price. Over 2-1/2 years and thousands of hours of design and re-design work went into DS-1. Every aspect of DS-1 has been carefully designed. We have listened to the litany of complaints against the current choices of home planetariums: dim and blurry images, cheap plastic feel, extraordinarily high prices for overall mediocre performance, sporadic product availability, low quality star discs, few if any optional star discs, limited features, and poor durability. We believe we have resolved all these deficiencies by developing the DS-1.

Doing business with a small company has some great benefits for you. There will always be a person to address your service needs. We don’t sell wholesale. We only sell direct to the customer. The savings are passed on to you, there are no middleman.

Servicing will always be available for our home planetarium during the warranty period and long after. This is something no other company producing these home planetariums can provide. Simply put, we care about the performance of our product and we care about our customers.

Who is it for?

Beyond the obvious joy of the seeing the night sky that has been lost to nighttime light pollution, the DS-1 makes the perfect learning tool for understanding and exploring the celestial heavens. It is ideal for homes, public and private schools, home schools, and higher learning institutions. All our available star discs, over 40 and increasing, have educational values as well as stunning views.

The soft glow of the projected view or the nightlight feature has a wonderful calming effect on newborns and young children alike. Your DS-1 offers a gateway to learning that will last a lifetime. The beautiful serenity of the night sky is also a calming influence on the sick, the elderly, and the home bound.

Astronomers, amateurs and professionals alike will delight in viewing the night sky in the comfort, convenience, and security of their home. Sometimes it does rain and there are annoying bugs everywhere.

Romantics. It is fair and effective to use your DS-1 to create a romantic evening. Just add dinner, and soft music.

Things that set the DS-1 apart from the competition

  • Premium construction materials
  • Ergonomic design
  • Incredible customer support, second to none
  • More than a quality home planetarium projector.

Yes, the DS-1 projects incredible and colorful night sky images but what happens when you turn it off? Unlike other projectors that are stored in a closet, under the bed, or somewhere out of sight, instead you will want to keep your DS-1 in view. We have gone to great lengths to produce a projector with a stunning visual appearance. The first time you see the DS-1 it becomes an object of desire. It begs to be touched, viewed, and used. Built of premium materials, hosting a thoughtful, unique, and imaginative design, the DS-1 is a work of art. From its aluminum alloy base and arm to the beautiful star map displayed on the surface of the main projector body, it creates a bold visual statement for any setting. On a coffee table, a shelf, on a nightstand, where ever you place the DS-1 it will stand out. It has no equal. It is unique.

The show never ends…..

At the night’s end when the planetarium show is over and the other projectors are put in storage, the DS-1 can continue with a new type of star show. Exclusive to the DS-1 is a new feature like no other planetarium. The DS-1 surface star map becomes a stunning nightlight. Simply turn on the nightlight feature in a darkened room and the beautiful white star map will disappear only to be replaced with the soft glow of over 4 million stars. It is an incredible site to see, surpassed only by it’s projected images. Find Orion, the Big Dipper, the Pleiades, or just set it by your nightstand and drift off to another galaxy.

Why you should buy a DS-1?

  • The DS-1 gives you a big view of the night sky!
  • Outstanding optical performance. The stars will be crisp and clear across the entire projected image.
  • DS-1 will project on walls and flat ceilings.
  • Large field of view.
  • A random shooting star feature.
  • A very bright 10 watt LED.
  • Choose from the largest star disc library in the world. Over 40 available star discs and new ones being added every few months.
  • Unsurpassed educational value!
  • A Northern Hemisphere star disc with over 1.2 million stars is included with each DS-1 purchase.
  • Stress, Depression, Romance. We believe nothing is better for relieving the stress of the daily grind, uplifting your emotions, or setting the mood for a romantic evening than a canopy of stars and some accompanying soft music. You provide the music. Your DS-1 will provide a relaxing, mood setting display of stars in motion.
  • Children. It should be much easier getting the young ones to bed at night after a relaxing, calming, star show. Assuming they are still awake at the end of the show.

Star Disc

Dark-Skys.com has the largest library of available star discs in the world.

Each of our Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere star discs has over 1.2 million stars. They took over 2 years to develop and are based on several star data sets including Tycho, HYG, HabCat, and HYGHag. These discs represent incredible accuracy and detail. You will not be disappointed.

Our unique and proprietary Chrome-on-Glass version of the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere star discs provide the ultimate viewing experience. Each of these special discs shows over 4 million stars. The Milky Way appears as a soft glowing cloud across the night sky, as if someone airbrushed a river of light onto the wall or ceiling of your home. If you look through a pair of low power binoculars you will find that the “glow” is actually millions of stars. It is truly spectacular.

All DarkSkys star discs project more than just a pretty scene. They are designed to have educational value and are learning tools. They will open the minds of young and old alike. For many, they will be seeing the wonders of the universe not imagined before.